WiFi And Your Smart Home

Smart devices and technologies continue to revolutionize how we work and help us pursue healthier lifestyles. Hence, one of the best things you can do to dramatically boost the quality of your life is to make your house a smart home.

It is no longer a question of doubt that we’re living in the golden age of technological growth. We have gone from relying on corded phones for the majority of our connectivity over the past few decades to tiny devices in our pockets that are capable of hundreds of simultaneous functions of communication and a lot of different features. Smart devices and technologies continue to revolutionize how we work and help us pursue healthier lifestyles. Hence, one of the best things you can do to dramatically boost the quality of your life is to make your house a smart home. What do we mean by making a home smart? A smart home system refers to a portable setup where we can operate different home appliances through our smartphones from anywhere with an Internet connection. It can be operated through mobile applications enabling the user to remotely monitor features such as home surveillance entry, temperature, lighting, smart garage door opener, and a home theatre etc.

Why should you be making your home smart?

  • Managing all your home gadgets from a single place increases the comfort level which is something considered as a positive aspect. For electronics and home management, being able to keep all the technology in your home linked with one app is a big move forward.
  • When it comes to accommodating modern gadgets and appliances and other technologies, smart home solutions seem to be wonderfully versatile. No matter how state-of-the-art your appliances seem today, as time goes by, newer, more amazing versions will be created.
  • Your home security can skyrocket when you integrate security and surveillance features into your smart home network. 

How can you make your home smart?

The first move will be to install a reliable WiFi network at your home and check it. Many smart-home devices use power cables, but to connect with the internet and smartphones, they rely on WiFi. There is a need for a home WiFi network and the spectrum of that network matters. A single WiFi router is possibly appropriate in a small space, such as a one-bedroom apartment. It might not be adequate in larger houses. After making sure that you’ve got a reliable WiFi, the next step would be to choose between buying multiple smart components. One way to create a smart home is to purchase loads of components, such as sensors, smart bulbs, surveillance cameras, speakers, and whatever and link them all to a hub with each other but this can cost a lot of money. Once you make sure all these smart home devices are compliant, you can create a stable base that you will extend with time. Knowing which smart home devices do not rely on a smart home hub to work is the secret.   After that research, you can start buying the smart devices for your home. You can install various devices at your home such as:

  • Smart Home Assistant: Having a smart home digital assistant is the first and most crucial step to make your home a smart home. The two most common options are Amazon Echo (with Alexa) and Google Home.
  • Smart Lighting: Another perfect way to make your house safe and your daily life a lot simpler is to install smart light bulbs or smart switches to your home. You can control all the smart light bulbs in your home by voice control or by pressing a button using Amazon Echo, Google Home, or the software on your mobile. You can also monitor and provide separate settings for each room’s lighting or manually switching on lights.
  • Smart Thermostat: A perfect way to automate the temperature in your entire house is to mount a smart thermostat. There are a variety of thermostats which are compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home which can be controlled through your mobile phone.
  • Smart Doorbell: Another perfect way to make your house smart and better is to replace your regular doorbell with a smart doorbell. The fact that they come with HD cameras is what makes most smart doorbells perfect. You can also connect through your mobile device with the person at your front door. This is a perfect way to track when your children come in, bring your orders, or see someone ringing your doorbell.
  • Smart Door Lock: Smart door locks will spare you the trouble of having to search keys that are lost or forgotten. Besides, by using a fingerprint, accessing a special pin, or using your IOS/Android device, it lets you open the doors of your house.
  • Smart Security Cameras: Smart outdoor surveillance cameras are important for someone concerned about the security of their house. Compared to conventional surveillance cameras, they have a more efficient field of view, greater overall efficiency and performance. You can install multiple outdoor cameras as per the location of your house and access them at any time.
  • Smart Garage Opener: Like a traditional garage door opener, a smart garage door opener operates, but has the potential to attach to a Wi-Fi network. This enables the garage door to be remotely operated and tracked straight from an app on a smartphone. Intelligent garage door openers come under the umbrella of equipment for smart home automation.

With so many options available, we recommend a consultation with your local professional to design a solution that works for you and your lifestyle, and within your budget. Contact us at Odyssey for a free consultation.