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Your structured wiring layout is the backbone of your plant or facility. It’s what gets information where it is needed – and when – it is needed so operations don’t miss a beat. Nothing outperforms fiber optics cabling for high-speed, high-capacity, bandwidth. It can consistently support your voice, video, and data needs today and into the future.

Odyssey’s cabling crews can properly install and configure managed switches, splice fiber optic cable and renew older infrastructure. With an expertly designed cabling layout paired with an industry-leading fiber optic installation, your cabling network will stand up to any test your project can throw at it.

Our Simple Three Step Process For Cable Services

Site Assessment

Odyssey Integrated Solutions is a top-rated Fiber Optic Wiring Company.

Odyssey is the fastest growing fiber optic wiring company in the Carolinas. It takes more than technology to achieve the best results in fiber optic installation. It takes experience, skills, and genuine commitment to customers. We have certified fiber optic contractors that will ensure your business gets the reliability and speed of all kinds of internet tasks.

Cabling Layout Design

It all starts with planning. Our Telecommunication Engineers will collaborate with your team to build a robust, resilient network that can keep up with changing technology and stand up to the demands that your project and your rugged, industrial environment.

Cabling Installations

Whether it’s fiber optic or Cat 6 cabling in your facility, our expert cabling installation will keep your layout organized and out of sight, while still accessible enough for repairs to happen quickly.

Moves, Add-Ons, Changes, and Decommissioning

As your operation grows and changes, your network will have to, as well. Our Cabling Technicians have the experience to handle your requirements so that your network evolves as your business does.

Ongoing Maintenance

Dust, heat, and heavy vibrations are all common to industrial environments, and they can take a toll on your cabling infrastructure. Odyssey’s maintenance support will catch problems – and fix them – before they can cause problems for your operation.


When your business invests in fiber optic cables, you will receive higher bandwidth capacity and will become less vulnerable to electromagnetic interference. Regardless of your working environment, our skilled fiber optic engineering will guarantee appropriate integration of fiber optic cabling into new or existing buildings. The security, performance and sustainability needs of your project will be addressed by our team to meet your business requirements. We will also perform network audit services to inform you of what you currently have in your facility.

Free Consultation

We discuss your needs and desires, assess your property, construction materials, number of floors, square footage, outdoor reach, etc.

Estimate & Schedule

After we have taken all the factors into consideration, we provide you with an estimate and schedule the installation.

Installation Begins

We warranty our work and the work of our electricians, as well as any equipment provided. All workers are licensed/certified and insured.


We take great pride in our Fiber Optic Installations. All projects are tailored to your property’s specific needs. We eliminate the unnecessary and deliver the professional level of service you should expect.


Fiber optic cable installers are reliable and fast, so feel free to update your network wiring by contacting us!

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Our Fiber Optic Experts will help you decide which platform works for your needs and budget. You will be able to connect all the key devices in your building, giving you smart, responsive and seamless control for total convenience no matter where you are.