Track Water Usage and Shut Off Leaks with Flo by Moen

While fire can be a homeowner’s worst concern, every insurance provider would warn you that water is the much more likely cause of property damage, even though you don’t live in a flood-prone region. A leaking water pump, a burst drain, a faulty supply line under your sink, a clogged toilet, or even a split hose attached to your washing machine are all possible causes.

Installing leak detectors where water damage could start, such as the laundry room, water heater closet, toilet, under your kitchen sink, and so on, is just as important as having smoke detectors in each of your home’s bedrooms and common areas.

In the United States, several insurance agencies urge homeowners and company owners to install water leak monitoring systems in the same manner as they would fire detectors. If you install such a device, you will find that your insurance rates decrease when providers recognize that you are doing everything possible to avoid water damage. Otherwise, if water damage were to occur, not only would you have to repair water damaged areas, most insurance companies will increase your premium for the next few years, and some won’t even renew your policy. The costs related to water damage can be more extensive than just a simple repair. For instance, water can easily lead to the growth of mold, as well as the destruction of furniture and personal items.

If you believe your home needs a leak tracker, we suggest installing Moen Flo.

Flo by Moen is a smart home water protection solution that works to protect a home from water loss and leaks 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Smart Water Detector detects cracks and moisture outside of the plumbing, such as overflowing toilets, appliance glitches, or weather-related issues, while the Smart Water Shutoff scans your entire water delivery system for leaks and excessive usage.

Flo by Moe smart water devices, whether used together or separately, are designed to give you the ability to track, regulate, and save water in your home from your smartphone.

If you have the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff, which will quickly shut off your water source in an emergency, you’ll get the best out of the system, but even if you don’t, it’s a perfect smart home device and it is highly recommended to install at your home or at your workplace. Make sure you have a reliable WiFi system so you can control all of your systems from the palm of your hand using your phone. Even in case of a power outage it will still monitor for outside normal water usage.

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